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God the Almighty strengthened us to conduct Marriages of our two daughters Usha Philip with Ashok Mahawar (a Pastor from Rajasthan) and Hasiya Philip with Prajeet Panicker (works in Oman) on December 16th, 2018 at SEAL Campus.

Usha and Hasiya were added to the SEAL family at the age of 6 & 7 years respectively.  In 20 years of profound services for mankind, two more girls will be entered into a glorious married life. Around 1600 people from different walks of life attended the marriage and blessed the couples.


Both couples are leading a happy married life and they both are expecting Usha date given is June 1st week and Hasiya in October. We thank God for His faithfulness and heavenly provision & protection.

Marriages of our two daughters


The Great Library – Mrs. Lilly Kochappan and Mr. V.K. Kochappan Memorial Building

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Reuben is the first resident at SEAL. He was rescued when he was a 9-month old HIV+ve baby, from the red light district of Mumbai. Today, he is a 15-year-old boy living in SEAL India, studying at God’s Valley Mission School and likes to play drums.


Sagar was rescued from the streets of Mumbai. Hailing from West Bengal, he followed his friend to Mumbai looking for a job. After working in a factory for many months, he lost his mental stability and started wandering on the streets.


Arun Mane, a mentally challenged patient, was found in a very despicable condition on the streets. In a mentally unstable condition, he had gotten into a fight and injured himself.

Arun Mane

Asher is a blind kid, who was saved from the streets. He is a very cheerful child, and does not let his handicap limit his personality.