God the Almighty strengthened us to conduct Marriages of our two daughters Usha Philip with Ashok Mahawar (a Pastor from Rajasthan) and Hasiya Philip with Prajeet Panicker (works in Oman) on December 16th, 2018 at SEAL Campus.

Usha and Hasiya were added to the SEAL family at the age of 6 & 7 years respectively.  In 20 years of profound services for mankind, two more girls will be entered into a glorious married life. Around 1600 people from different walks of life attended the marriage and blessed the couples.


Both couples are leading a happy married life and they both are expecting Usha date given is June 1st week and Hasiya in October. We thank God for His faithfulness and heavenly provision & protection.

Marriages of our two daughters


The Great Library – Mrs. Lilly Kochappan and Mr. V.K. Kochappan Memorial Building

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Reuben is the first resident at SEAL. He was rescued when he was a 9-month old HIV+ve baby, from the red light district of Mumbai. Today, he is a 15-year-old boy living in SEAL India, studying at God’s Valley Mission School and likes to play drums.


Sagar was rescued from the streets of Mumbai. Hailing from West Bengal, he followed his friend to Mumbai looking for a job. After working in a factory for many months, he lost his mental stability and started wandering on the streets.


Arun Mane, a mentally challenged patient, was found in a very despicable condition on the streets. In a mentally unstable condition, he had gotten into a fight and injured himself.

Arun Mane

Asher is a blind kid, who was saved from the streets. He is a very cheerful child, and does not let his handicap limit his personality.


Subhash was lying in a pool of blood in ST Bus Depot, Panvel. He was brought to SEAL wrapped in plastic as blood and worms dripping down from his both legs. He was lying there for months without food and with worms eaten legs. No one could withstand the foul smell emitted from his wound. We had to spend hours to clean his wounds and had to amputate his seven fingers.

Subhash Pawar

Jyothis : Daughter of Salima Tamboli

Salima Tamboli referred to us by Panvel Police, she was 7 months pregnant when Police referred her to us. Salima was mentally unstable and becoming better. As per her, her mother only left her in Mumbai streets when she came to know she was pregnant. She delivered a premature child, Pastor Philip named her as Jyothis because that time Electricity was cut in Ashram and when she born electricity connection resumed. . She is the princess of SEAL and Papa's pet started to go to school. Please pray for her.

Mrs. Salavva Sailoo was referred to us by Panvel Taluka Police when she was found roaming aimlessly in Panvel. She was brought to SEAL Ashram with wounded legs and swelling all across her body. She was suffering from severe diarrhea and also seemed to be mentally unstable.

We immediately took Salavva to MGM medical college but there was not much change in her physical condition as well as her mental illness even after a few weeks of treatment. We brought her back to the Ashram but she was still not responding to our questions of her whereabouts or family.

Salavvas Reunification

Roja Padwa - rescued from Turbhe Naka, she was eating from the garbage, she was half-naked all the time. She used to throw stones at people whoever goes near to her. SEAL team somehow took her to the vehicle and prayed thank God she was very calm and quiet till she reached ashram. Pastor Philip fed her that night and next day morning we could see she is removing curry leaves and chilies from Upma served to her. Transformation in a night's time. God's miracle. Today you can see her always with a broom, cleaning ladies wing. We thank God His faithfulness.

Roja Padwa: Transformation in one night

He was referred to us by Ms. Aarti Chauhan and Mr. Vijay Singh of Times of India on 28.6.2017 when he was dragging himself on the streets at Vashi (unable to walk or stand) himself.  We have admitted him at MGM hospital for two weeks and during his stay at SEAL his physical -  mental health improved.  Few days before his death, he used to come to Pastor Philip and started to share his heart touching life story. 
He was such an unfortunate person -  15 years back between a domestic quarrel with his wife, he has thrown a stone at his wife and she died on the spot. He was convicted for life imprisonment.  After completing his trial term in jail, he went back to his house at Hubli, but his family could not accept him.  Finally, he thought of his own sister who is staying in Sholapur, thinking she will at least accept him. He took a train from Hubli, but on his way, he lost his memory and somehow he ended in the streets of Vashi.
God the Almighty helped him to be a place where he could at least spend his days peacefully and happily.  We thank God for giving us an opportunity to stand with him and take care of his needs and be a consolation in his painful days. 
Like him, thousands are still on the streets of Mumbai, waiting for someone to reach them.  Our prayers to God the Almighty let each one of them reach in safer hands and pass their days peacefully and happily…

Abdul Khadar: A dream unfulfilled. 

The first wedding at SEAL India.  Aroma was rescued from the streets of Mumbai and rehabilitated in SEAL India.

First Marriage In SEAL


We thank God the Almighty for blessing us with such a wonderful gift. Aroma and Inderjeet are blessed with their 2nd son. Thanks a lot for your prayer and support. May God bless you all richly!

SEAL's Grandchildren