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We have distributed 2175 big kits (17.5 kg ) with 13 essential items and 89 kits (4.5 kg) with 4 items till 18.05.2020 and our vision is 5000 big kits and 2000 emergency kits to the needy.


The need is very high and some of the Adivasi areas and middle-class families are suffering. When we go with 40 kits as per specific need there will be 80 people for the kit. 


They are jobless for 2 months so whether it is poor or rich the need is there.  We have covered around 40 areas till now and we are very sad about the walking migrants and we are trying to do whatever we can to them also.


We spent almost 22 Lakhs for the relief work but the need is still very high.


We are thankful to God the Almighty and all our friends who shouldered this mission with us.


SEAL COVID 19 Relief Team

SEAL (Social & Evangelical Association For Love)

Vangani, Nere, New Panvel

Mob. 9594780333 / 9321253899

SEAL Covid Relief Weekly Report



Covid Patients Discharged from Hospital
Hospitalization of Covid Patients

SEAL Kitchen - SEAL MEAL (Food for the Hungry)

Food Preparation at SEAL
Food Distribution at MGM Hospital
Food Distribution to Destitute & Nomadic
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