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Seal COVID - 19 Relief

The cost of a lockdown is sometimes the cost of a life. In such an unprecedented time as this, we at SEAL who has seen life ebbing away at close quarters, and having snatched hundreds from the snares of death in the past 20 years, realize the need for concerted civil society action to rescue the hundreds of thousands who are at risk of paying for the lockdown with their lives.

SEAL Ashram has taken initiative in beginning to extend our hand to bring relief to the villages, hamlets, tenements, and dwellings of the deprived and endangered. We have firmed up plans to supply the basic necessary groceries like Rice, Atta, Dal, Salt, Oil, Sugar, Tea Powder, Mirchi, Kanta, Potato, Biscuits, etc to the needy.  

A two-week ration for a family of 4 or 5 comprising of the above list would cost approx ₹900/-  We invite you to donate generously so that not one soul is lost in this pandemic for reasons other than medical. 

Donors will benefit 50% tax exemptions under 80G (April, May, June donations can be accounted in the FY till March 2020)

If you would like to join SEAL COVID 19 Relief, please decide on the number of families you would like to support and help us to help them. 

1 family/14 days ₹900
5 families/14 days ₹4500
10 families/14 days ₹9000
25 families/ 14 days Rs.22500
50 families/ 14 days Rs. 45000

Please transfer to either of the following accounts and send us a line of intimation so we can send your receipt. 

Bank account details
Axis Bank
Panvel Branch
Saving A/c no. 036010100227797
IFSC UTIB0000036
Saving Account in the name of 
SEAL (Social & Evangelical Association For Love )
Regd Mob 9321261224

We solicit your prayers and support for the needy.  Do visit us.  

With love and prayers, 

All of us at SEAL. 

For further co-ordination please contact :

SEAL 9594780333 / 9321253899
Bro Isaac Emmanuel 9967364360
Bro S J Winford 9819731061
Bro Murali Murugesh 9004476742
Bro Joy Paul 9820440944
Pr. Abhijit  9702595284

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