Reunited: 127
Residents: 146
Passed Away: 99
Total Rescued: 372
Welcome to the city of dreams, where the dead have no name

SEAL is an NGO dedicated to the mission of rescuing destitute and helpless people from the streets and railway stations of Mumbai.

Countless people arrive in this city of dreams to chase their aspirations. While we often hear of the great success stories, there have been the unfortunate many who’ve been left helpless and homeless, wandering in the streets of this unforgiving city.

SEAL rescues the young & old, men & women, the sick, lost and forsaken, and provides them another shot at life! Along with providing shelter, food, clothing, health-care and education at our Ashram, we strive to trace their families back home, and reunite the lost.

Our Mission

Our mission and inspiration is well embodied in our guiding principle –
"Rescue those being led away to death, Hold back those staggering towards slaughter…"

SEAL Ashram will rescue the destitute, the sick- physically and mentally, found in the railway platforms and streets of Mumbai, regardless of their ethnic background, gender, age and severity of ailments, and offer them a home of hope and holistic care for their ailments

Our Vission

SEAL has great plans for expanding, wants to provide better facilities to the existing residents, build a hospital where the sick can be cared for. Right now all the residents stay on the same premises although the rooms are segregated for men and women, the mentally challenged and those suffering from AIDS. Day by day the number of hapless victims at the ashram is increasing.